sun is shining...

..... and i'm preparing my 'outdoor room' currently known as windswept tatty garden, but i'm working on it whenever we get a scrap of that rare thing called sun. Hmmm.

Lots of inspiration on this.........

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tiny sneak peek

SO here's a tiny sneak peak of our new house, we've been in about 7 weeks (ish) but still have loads to do....i'm so impatient and want it all done NOW. I've come to the conclusion that i'm hopeless at taking room photos, i always seem to chop off the floor or ceiling. More before photos will follow once i manage to take some decent ones! For now, here's our dining room - before and after - not quite finished but getting there....needs a few finishing touches.

Our dining room before
Before - yellow junk room!

Our dining room after

After - almost finished, just needs some pictures and wall lights! Can't find ANY wall lights i like. Tried to get the sloping ceiling in shot...

So there you have it - first pics, i don't think i showed many pics of my last house as it wasn't worthy.... but we are much happier here and have space for the first time ever. Happy days. Happy sunday :)


interior mix

random interior inspiration but always white walls...... always



inspiration again

Love the room above, i am actually that sad i have this photo as my desktop wallpaper. 

Loving the room above too.... our new house has a dining room with sloping roof and beams! Sooooo excited :)

Noticed that i can easily post much bigger photos than before, i like!


Surprise!! :)  :)

After what seems like possibly actual YEARS i am back! I knew i couldn't leave my inspiration bubble forever but my subconsious was kinda waiting for the urge to return..... i didn't deliberately abandon it. Honest.

Partly my inspiration lacked, my current house is finished, nothing special but nothing left to obsess about as i have NO room left anywhere in the whole house!

Problem solved - buy a new bigger better house - done.

We move in a weeks time!!!!!!!! So i will take photos of my house finished and photos to follow in a few weeks of new house BEFORE we do any work.

A few inspiration piccies to follow for old times sake.... i wondered if my style has changed, maybe slightly more industrial now but i still love my white... :)


mid century inspiration returns

Back with a completely random mix of mid century rooms and decor......

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and so

There really is no ideal place to start.... i am here... i am alive....i am humble and i am being overdramatic...lol
I am also a tad ashamed and honoured..... despite being blatantly absent/distant/slack/presumed dead, i have noticed continued daily visitors and followers as though i was still here, no idea why but hey thanks ;)

And so i intend to return to my bubble :)


Below are a few updates for those mildy curious over the last few months....

(i know this blog is about the pictures and not me blah blah but hey - pictures WILL follow)


1. I wrote off my car (me ok, car not so much) and am now the proud owner of beautiful black new beetle (materialistic moi).


2. I have a kitten called Parker, he is stunning but naughty and loving all at once. How many kittens actually put their arms (front paws/legs) around you for a cuddle....really he does.


3. I have had an early mini mid life crisis and possibily have a split personality


4. I am actively learning french and, accidently, polish too


5. I am slightly insane and proud of it


6. I have purchased a posh new mini netbook for blogging and other timewasting activities


7. Oh i/we have found a big bad house and MAY be moving...


8. Most importantly, i am still an interiors junkie


Soooooooooo....a plus tard, Biba x x x



happy friday

I love this picture - it fills me with power and beauty!! Crazy maybe, as who would go out with vile yellow lippy... but it looks fab.
Keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny weekend, maybe with some pimms ;)
Happy friday x

friday faves

Hey i'm back.... with a collection of beauty for friday :)


white wednesday