happy friday


Two glasses of wine later, friday night, i have had a very strange but very good week. My inspiration bubble has been very busy since the ft article but i feel i've been a tad absent and distracted! I really want to thank everyone for reading and also for all those that have emailed me - i'm overwelmed and will reply soooooon! Seriously blame new job for my lack of blogginess.
Oh and i just love this photo for no reason. Also noticed today that i have 99 followers (thank you all), just wondering who my 100th will be.... i would offer a prize but have nothing to offer (at least i'm honest...) So instead i will dedicate a whole post to my 100th follower!
Happy friday all of you!!


houseenvy said...

It was about time, prize or no... xx

Patchwork Harmony said...

yay! you got 100!

so glad you've had lots of visits! the power of the media really is astonishing!


Tikimama said...

Jeez, you've got 101 followers now! My goal is 50, so I'm envious. We miss your posts, but the job's gotta come first!

JEM 'n Tonic said...

Tikimama, you and Biba got me beat, I've 5 and I paint. Really I have 6, but one is my Bro-in-law so he doesn't count. Maybe that's a hint that I should stop painting. I don't know. Add much sobbing here.

Biba, I'm glad it's all working out so well! Yours is blog I always keep my eyes open for.