FT welcome

Yay! As mentioned this week, here is the FT article to read online -
Thank you again caroline for including me in the top blogs!
If you happen to be visiting here for the first time then....

WELCOME! Make yourself at home, have a look round..., i'd love to hear any feedback or random comments from the world! :)



MoonDoggie said...

Yay Biba! I'm really pleased for you. You must be so chuffed! :D

Melafrique said...

Biba thats honorable.

Pattie said...

I think that is was really great of her :) congratties

down and out chic said...

that's awesome! congrats...she has good taste.

Tikimama said...

Good for you Biba! It's a great article, and I'm sure many new readers will come your way because of it!

Carly said...

What a fun blog! I just saw you in FT and am always on the lookout for inspiration and color ideas for my own interior design project. I like the cool interiors photos and color groupings you make.

Best of luck!