goodnight sweetheart

I'm forever struggling with our bedroom, lack of space/storage mainly but the fact that nothing seems to really hit the spot... i like white walls, vintage patterned bedspread and a shaggy rug, but hate high beds and headboards! Also we have fitted carpet in the bedroom which is wrong wrong wrong, i neeeeeeed wooden floor.
So due to a complete lack of bedroom inspiration here's just a handful of pics...
apartment therapy

design corner






MoonDoggie said...

I notice 'our' duvet cover is in there :)
I'm never really happy with my bedroom either. But I think its more to do with the fact I just can't keep it tidy for long!

houseenvy said...

Ooh, that first pic has my name all over it. My bedroom has the basics in place but sadly also a large 'eBay' pile and another large 'DIY' pile blocking the view...