bright light

I know i'm fast becoming obsessed with these lights (see kitchen) but now i'm considering this orangey/red one below off eBay for the bathroom which is completely white with walnut wood.
Finding it a bit tricky! It will either....
8 look fab as a coloured statement light
8 look horrid and i'll wish i went for something more white/neutral

So what do we think - yay or nay??

I'm going to keep browsing eBay anyway....


Anonymous said...

Yay, most definitely.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Go for it! I think a single punch of color with the white and wood will look smashing. I love mod lighting in a bath. You don't see enough of it in the states.

griffo68 said...

Definitely a big YAY from me!

Mr G.x

Anonymous said...

Nah from me,room too small. It will completely overtake the room. You'd get away with it in kitchen though...and swop the white one to the bathroom :)


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

It really depends on you - do splashes of color make you smile? They certainly do for me, but then again, my entire house is very bright and colorful. It might bring more energy to the space than you want.

Hanna and Daniel said...

Jay! We actually have that light. It's in our workspace which has deep green walls and floor and some white furniture. Not sure how it would work in a white room though. Did you buy it?

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