opposite of white

Black. I don't usually do much black at home, i'd like a black retro GPO phone though or an anglepoise style lamp. There's no doubt it can look very striking....

pics via remodelista
how did that orange eames rocker get in there?? hee ;)


drollgirl said...

nice! black seems to look good as long as it is not the predominant color everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Funny, after our floorboard chat last night I was thinking maybe I should paint them a soft black...? Hides a multitude of sins. HEx

Tina said...

these images are lovely, i tend to go for black furniture like bookcases & cabinets

Jennifer Ramos said...

Thanks for visiting my blog..I have enjoyed looking around through yours and will be back. : )

Jen Ramos
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