kitchen peek

It's my part timers day off today so i am at home. Between tidying and more tidying (i am definitely doing something wrong to spend SO MUCH damn time tidying) i put up my new kitchen lampshade, there was no actual light fixing there, just wires poking out of the ceiling so my dad had to come and help his (useless) little girl, hee... good old dad. Even minor progress is still progress :)
The shelves are quite new too (also magically appeared on the wall via G.O.D, ha thats actually good old dad but i've just realised that it spells 'God' too.... funny... hmm little things...). Rest of the kitchen still looks tatty as hell, see pics here and before here, but i do believe it will be amazingly transformed when my new white doors are on. Please.
1960s lampshade - eBay
'Be Yourself' poster - advice to sink in slowly (only £5!)
Vintage flowery dishes - simplesal on etsy
Vintage white/orange bowl - mum and dads house ;)
Retro Bush radio - eBay
Vintage style patterned mug - Ikea
Orla Kiely stem print mugs - heals
Floatings shelves - B&Q
White wooden Lindmon venetian blind - Ikea


Elizabeth said...

It's looking great! How did you frame that poster? I love it!

griffo68 said...

Looking great Miss B !!!

Are you still going for the handle-less white doors/drawers??

Mr G.x :)

Biba said...

Thank you :) Elizabeth, that poster actually arrived all sealed up flat against a cardboard backing - so i put it up just like that! (lazy? me? lol)

Hi Griffo, i'm going for the white handle-less 'look' but will have the tiny little steel strecket ikea handles. Not as good as yours but can't wait!! xx