bathing in beauty

Next on the list - bathroom. Some beautiful bathroom inspiration....

via cph square

via AT

via freshome

via unknown source (i forgot! Anyone?)

Once i get my kitchen all nice and finished, i intend to completely focus on finishing the bathroom.


I currently have no shower. I love showering so i hate being stuck having baths all the time. Wouldn't be so bad if it was a nice relaxing bath with soft flickering candle light, soothing music playing and a gorgeous room to admire.... you get the idea. Instead i have a horrid bare light bulb glaring at me and unfinished plaster at the end of the bath!!! Not very relaxing!


It's not that far off really....


+ find a pretty (white?) vintage lampshade and put it up (need inspiration..)

+ finish building hidden storage box at end of bath & clad in walnut wood vinyl

+ line hidden storage box with wallpaper
+ paint pipe boxing in off-white eggshell

+ re-paint bath wall

+ skim/finish off wall above sink where old tiles were

+ buy and fix 2 hooks to back of door


Hmmm, is that it?? I'm sure i'll think of more things to add as i go along, that's what usually happens!



griffo68 said...

Nice collection Miss B!
I love the grey one via Remodelista, it's beautiful but then you know me and the colour grey!

I still haven't finished my 6ft long mirrored en-suite wall cabinet!

Mr G.x

Biba said...

Thank u Mr G :) My faves are the top 2. I knew you'd like that grey one, it reminded me of your gorgeous bathroom! xx

The Cottage Cheese said...

That red tile floor is industrial chic! One of my baths is all grey (except for the towels and paintings), so you know I'm digging that grey color scheme.