white wednesday

Every wednesday from now on i will be worshipping all things white. I love white regardless of what form it's in. I seriously do believe that the pureness of white makes me happier :)

photos via flickr



The Cottage Cheese said...

I love the purity of an all-white room. Although, I dream of a living room or study with hardwood floors, brightly colored walls (think red) and everything else white or cream: sofa, lamps, desk,accessories. Alas, I have two dogs so it's never going to happen. White + animals = disaster. Maybe this color scheme will work for one of my future clients!

Biba said...

Fab red walls! Although to actually live in, it would kill me!!! I had a white sofa for while - just me living there, no pets, no kids and it still got grubby so fast! One day when i have huge house i'll have a beautiful pure all white room.... :)

helen said...

I think this selection is just beautiful and I particularly like the woolly bit!

drollgirl said...

white is all right!!!!!

cool post!

Jennica said...

I am so with you on the love of all things white (except for ones that pop up in my roots!) Gorgeous images...thanks for sharing and inspiring me as always!

Tina said...

what a gorgeous post! i'm a HUGE fan of all pretty white things!