small cool

People with small homes know you have to work extra hard to have a nice successful interior. I know my brain cells are exhausted from planning my small house! I remember the small cool contest from apartment therapy last year and it's started again this year. Have to say some of the entries are just plain feeble, but this is my inspiration bubble not my bitching bubble (although how much fun would an evil twin bitching bubble be...!!?).
This home below in Toronto stood out - very simple and natural in a tiny space. I'm very seriously considering entering my home next year.


NODtoMOD said...

simple...classic yet eclectic! i am looking for design ideas for my place...keep it coming!!:) xo

Tasa said...

I love the look but have so many questions - where are the dishes and cultery kept to have dinner parties at the lovely dining table? where are the wardrobes to hang your clothes (or are minimalists naked?)how can you lead a life and not have letters or tv guides lying around. I need a life coach!

Jennifer Ramos said...

I like this space...in NYC this would be quite a cute apt. that's for sure!

Jen Ramos
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