more small cool

Latest interior pics i've selected from apartment therapy's small cool contest.
Loving that coffee table in the first pic and am drawn to all the storage options. I knew already but looking at all these small spaces is really drumming it into me how so very important it is to keep clutter minimal and tidy in a smaller home! I might join the 5 things group actually...


Today, tomorrow and forever said...

What a great blog, I`m looking for inspiration and I came to the right place. I love vintage, I think its so cool.
Keep up the good work!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Oh, I'm just in heaven over those orange Eames eiffel tower shell chairs and the Eames storage unit!

JEM 'n Tonic said...

I have a new appriciation for the use of small spaces now that we live in a 400 sf home in Chile. On another note, I really like the coffee table in the seventh foto. That's really nice!