fancy a brew: vintage cups


I wasn't actually going to post this today, but decided i couldn't wait. It literally appeared on my pc screen out of nowhere and has been burning a hole in my mind since. Ok so i like to exaggerate slightly...
Anyhoo... these vintage cups are too cute, too gorgeous! I ADORE the birds and chicken ones, and the owls. Although i have to say the giraffe cup doesn't really do it for me, i'm more of a bird gal :)


Tikimama said...

Oh, the owls! And mermaids! I like the giraffe, too, and the flowers...well, all of them. Mine is more of a 50s style, but I love the late 60s/70s stuff, too, because it reminds me of my childhood. Thanks for sharing - and I hope that hole in your brain heals up soon! ;)

The Cottage Cheese said...

Now I really, really want to start a cute mug collection!

Bambola said...

I'm with the cottage cheese. A big eclectic collection of cups & mugs from all over the world. Better than magnets I reckon. =)

I adore that middle pink and blue polka dot set though. JUST ADORABLE!!!

Bambola x

Pattie said...

Tea cups are soooo great I wish I owned some but that is a luxury for now I can't afford but in the future (mwah ha ha) I guess I could get some :D

Designers' Brew said...

love these... but whenever I see things like them pop up on ebay, it's always $20 a pop, with shipping almost as much... argh.