GIA. How i love this film, one of my absolute favourites. Angelina as Gia Carangi, lesbian turned supermodel turned drug addict in the late 1970s. Amazing acting and a deep touching sadness throughout the film and of course Angie looks stunningly beautiful.

I've noticed Angelina is drawn to roles where the character experiences much mental pain or distress, the kind of films i love watching (maybe i can relate lol).
You can't help loving Gia... 'I do be the prettiest prettiest girl'
See youtube video


Bambola said...

Wow! Those images are amazing! I'll have to check it out. Definitely.

Tasa said...

gave Beth's husband Carl your blog link as he likes Angelina. He thought you should do this professionally and earn yourself some money! he knows what he's talking about.

ed said...

A real blast from the past defo one of my favorite films of all time! Angelina is just incredible in it , thanks for sharing