clock watching

Loving this fab clock! Available from joseph joseph
This is what i will be doing today - clock watching - frequent readers of my blog will know i've had my work hours cut, but now all employees have been warned against using the internet or email for personal use, as it will result in dismissal!!!
I know this isn't an unreasonable request and i know a lot of companies that restrict access completely. And i only browse on and off while i'm working but i'm going to go INSANE. Think prison.... :(


griffo68 said...

It's by Joseph Joseph Miss B.


Hope you can cope ok!!!

Lemongrass Studio said...

It's painful, I know! You can do it though...keep that job!

drollgirl said...

oh gimme a break! everyone is fucking around on the internet, especially while the economy is in the shitter and none of us are making any money!


EPP said...

Endlessly surfing the internet is the only thing that keeps me from throwing myself out the window while at work.... good luck!