chair covering crisis

This weekend i am going to make a decision on chair fabric, once and for all. Seriously. Last year i was dithering over which fabric to re-cover my ebay bargain danish chairs and still am dithering! The rest of the room is white & brown, 2 totally different looks and I just KEEP changing my mind, at the moment i'm thinking fabric option 1... i think.
chair fabric now (yuk)

fabric option 1
retro flower fabric from kalenastudio on etsy

fabric option 2
original vintage curtain fabric from mum & dads house

(fabric only looks deformed and bulky as just draped over chair)

Of course my inspiration comes from Orla Kiely and also the lovely Bobble's chairs below...



Janne said...

The first fabric is my favorite. The blues and yellow contrast the wood nicely.

kladoink said...

I vote for the 1st fabric too :-)

Arsız Böcük said...

Definetly the first one :)

drollgirl said...

hey! i have some very similar chairs (plus table) that i inherited from a great aunt. they are covered in white vinyl (i don't think it is leather???), and i am still crazy for them many years later.

malo said...

Depends on the room of course but i definitely prefer alt 1. But a nice chair like that would look good in almost anything.

mel bomba said...

Give me a year and hopefully I'll be doing the same to my dining chairs, at the moment they are dark olive green vinyl.
Nice fabric!

Allen said...

You have been quite busy!
The chairs are great, I love them. WEDDING CHAIR COVERS


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