happy days

10 reasons to be happy

1. one BIG reason - i got my 6 sexy g-plan chairs off ebay for £10!!!

2. another BIG reason - we have a tenant for number 22, as from 25th May so Lee finally moving in for real (scary!)

3. doctor has told me i am aneamic so there is a proper reason for me being so damn tired all the time! The iron tablets should sort me out :)

4. its bank holiday weekend this weekend

5. friend of a friend is selling a vw campervan which has my name on it

6. i'm going to Paris with Lee at the end of this year

7. i resisted a jam donut this morning

8. the sun is shining

9. it's not monday

10. ummm....

Ok, so i got a bit desperate towards the end....

cute 'so very happy' print from dazeychic etsy shop

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miss lili said...

I saw that as a print in a shop in Brighton on Saturday and loved it!