drowning my sorrows

Today i got my 'part timers' payslip and felt a sudden urge to do a post on cocktails then go home and get drunk on them!
First a 1960s cocktail cabinet i am watching on eBay.....

Ok so the picture doesn't do it any justice whatsoever BUT take away the surroundings (!) and the horrid patterned glass and this is calling to me. Really like it but it looks kind of big. The best bit is - it's on eBay for 99p from a little town only half hour drive away from me... hmmm what to do... ;)
Thinking about it, i would prefer something like this below via remodelista. This is absolutely GORGEOUS, and would nicely look after my cocktail 'equipment' :)

I'm not really much of a foodie but i've always liked my drink (alcholics look away now) and especially mixing my drinks cocktail style! Here my current top 5 concoctions i love to drink, nothing fancy but would nicely decorate my (new) cocktail cabinet...

+ snowball with a kick
advocaat, lemonade and vodka, tastes too nice to even be alcoholic
+ very bloody mary
vodka, tomato juice and LOTS of tasbasco sauce, enough to make you breathe fire

+ cheats sangria
red wine with a dash of orange juice, chuck a slice of orange in and voila - sangria ;)
+ coffee dream
coffee with sheridans instead of milk, perfectly acceptable to drink with breakfast
+ ginger snap

advocaat and ginger ale
Also i'm loving this cocktail book picture off flickr, i can just imagine it propped up near the drinks...


The Cottage Cheese said...

That 60's cocktail cabinet is fantastic. Buy it and fill it with lots of "adult" beverages!

Maija said...

Loooove looooove your blog and share your love for Eames (saving money for Hang-It-All) and Angelina Jolie! I "found" your blog about a month ago. My boss wouldn´t be so happy if she knew that I´m checking out your blog every day while I SHOULD be working! Keep up the EXCELLENT work! :)

Lisa said...

I heart that cabinet!! Brilliant post - here are a few more cocktail recipes for you!


I could do with one now... ;) xx

Biba said...

Thanks guys :D

Maiji, thank you for the blog love AND the Angie love! My boss wouldn't be too happy either if he knew i spent time blogging 'whilst' working...! Bad Biba! ;)