guest blog: random favourite things...

... because it's Sunday and I'm being lazy. And because, who knows, my Favourite List Twin might be out there somewhere and it would be tragic to miss an opportunity to reach out to them. So, in no particular order:

1. Book art. Check out the divine creations of Su Blackwell (responsible for The Wild Swans, shown above), or if you want to see something you might one day be able to afford, Jennifer Khoshbin, who also sells via Etsy. I'm also loving the work of Martin O'Neill, more typograhic illustrator, for different reasons; his work takes me right back to sixth form and the collages of magazine cut-outs we would use to personalise ring-binders and books - pure nostalgia.

2. Kimya Dawson. If you've seen the film Juno or listened to its soundtrack, you'll know who I'm talking about. Her voice is so sweet and her lyrics are angsty and thought-provoking. Kind of like listening to a troubled but particularly articulate 15 year old. In the nicest possible way. Her MySpace is here.

3. Joanna Newsome. While I'm on the topic of singer-songwriters.... mmmm, if a harp-playing hobbit happened to suck on a helium balloon, the result might sound a bit like this. Maybe some hallucinogenic drugs would be involved along the way. (Legal note: I am in no way implying, etc. etc.) Decide for yourself!

4. Wasabi peanuts. My latest addiction and such a lovely shade of green. And for snacky pudding, blueberry yoghurt coated raisins, also very pretty.

5. Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. If you haven't read it, you really must. I've read a lot, and not much makes me laugh out loud like this did. It's really quite unlike anything I've read before or since. On the other side of the coin, William Styron's Sophie's Choice made me cry. A lot. Books don't usually make me cry. It's just a perfectly crafted story.

So... anyone want to be my twin?!


VickyB said...

Not your twin HE but loving the blog - can join you on the blueberry yogurty things and Joanna Newsome - saw her in the Summer and your description is very apt - she is so tiny and looks so embarrassed when people clap! Also loving your chair - I still have to move from my dad's when I go home... I should know better by now! Keep up the good work... Vicky

Elizabeth said...

Catch 22 and Sophie's World are two books I started to read, but couldn't quite get into. I like to read alot, but those two just didn't grab my attention (strange that you picked exactly those two - I'm your anti twin!) Perhaps I should persevere with them.

Joanna Newsom's music is lovely, allthough I find it can occasionally be a tiny bit unsettling (late at night for example) I guess the quirkyness is part of her charm.

Loving the guest blogging :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you both!

Elizabeth, I must say when I posted that link to JN I found it really disconcerting watching her perform, rather than just listening. Maybe give Catch 22 another try (for me, please!!) - I think it did take a while for me to adjust to the strangeness of it, it really is like nothing else out there.

Mmm, siblings maybe?! HEx

carlp778 said...

I was trying to write something about your cork wall below but can't seem to add a comment so sorry for putting it here. Think the cork wall is a great idea and something I've always wanted to do. As an interiors photographer something I'd love to photograph in a house one day.
always on the look out for lovely houses to feature in magazines.
let me know if you can help.
best wishes