guest blog: next big things

No, I'm not trend forecasting, but talking about the next planned (ish) purchases for our house!

A while ago I bought this beautiful 70's Uniflex desk on eBay. Its proportions make it a perfect fit for an alcove and the entire top is hinged so it actually provides masses of storage. I've been making do with a spare chair, but, after lots of eBaying, I am now ready to treat myself and buy an Eames DSW chair to go with it. Th only problem now is that, as I want an original fibreglass one, I have to be a little patient while I track one down.

(l-r: Arper leaf chair, Eames DSW, Tolix A56, Arper Catifa)

I need new kitchen chairs!! My current ones were so cheap, buying them was a no brainer at the time, but I really don't like them and they have certainly served their time. We have an oak kitchen table (Ikea Ekhard, sadly no longer available as it's a really nice shape) and oak units too, so need some white chairs to offset all the wood. Much as I'd like a whole array of DSWs, Arper leaf chairs, Bertoias etc. (and setting aside the small issue of budget...) I need the chairs to stack for practical reasons. I've got a soft spot for Tolix A56 chairs, but I think these are a bit too industrial for the space. Last night I stumbled across the beautiful Arper Catifa, which is available in solid colours or with a contrasting back, and is also available with a sleigh base. It's not cheap, but I do like to have a goal in mind when selling on eBay, so this might just have to be it!!

I do love my French Rise and Fall pendant light, (from Holloways of Ludlow) but slightly regret buying it in a coloured version rather than white. I'd love to get the lime backed Catifas and pair them with the palest grey walls, but can't see them toning with this... so will probably stick to pure white chairs for now!

(Mmm, wonder how much I could fetch on eBay for my soul... pretty clean and only one careful owner...!)

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