back with a bang

I am back! And it certainly feels like with a bang! Physically i am here but my mind is still well and truly on the slopes. Very hard place to leave as it's so amazing and i miss the vin brule (mulled wine!) already :(
I couldn't have left my inspiration bubble in better hands... the lovely 'houseenvy' did me proud - thanks hun xx And i'm now thinking i have big boots to fill...!!
Just a few photos.....

Italian Alps - Fai della Paganella
the view from our apartment:

the walk to the slopes:

the (scary) slope: (and no i did not attempt this!)


the delicious food: (i heart those borlotti beans!)

the 'arty' flickr style photo:

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm soooo jealous, it looks amazing! HEx