This picture with the teardrop lights is beautiful, and very apt today....
Today i have been sad. Today my 5 day a week job that i have been doing for 14 years has been reduced to 3 days a week. It's a bad time for everyone with all the economy doom, redundancies etc and i know people are worse off than me but i'm still just sad, i admit i've shed a few tears while i wonder whats going to happen. I know money is not everything but its still so very worrying when you start to go backwards.



nina said...

Such a sad thing to hear. Economic crisis remains abstract till you find it's repercussions in your own life. Take care!
the lighting is very beautiful though...

Peta said...

Hey Biba!
As we've all said on BE, maybe this is what you needed to encourage you to do something new and interesting!
Hope things work out for the best!!
ps keep up your inspirational blogging!! ;)

Anonymous said...

:-( sweetie - I really hope it works out for you.

miss lili said...

This made me sad too (although I love the table and lights...). I hope it all works out for you honey, I am here whenever you need me! :) xx

sitruuna said...

I'm in the same situation with you, just had my 5 days a week cut to 4 days. On the other hand I'm enjoying my free time, but I do too worry about the money, I have a hefty mortgage to pay.

All the best for you!