handle hell

What to do?? Even though i HAD decided on cut-outs for my kitchen cupboards, there is one last option to consider which i'd not seen.... the Ikea Strecket handle (below) which fits to the top of the door. Being Ikea it is also affordable!
Very sleek, very minimal, very confused.
3 lengths available 50mm, 190mm, 320mm
Think i will need - 8 x 320mm (£5/pack 2) and 2 x 190mm (£2/pack 2) which works out at ONLY £22!

Strecket handles in situ....

Gorgeous stylish kitchen and home belongs to lovely Bobble


Pam said...

These look beautiful, but I think you have to watch out if you are using them with built in appliances. A friend has recently installed something similar where she can't open her fridge door as it's too heavy for the handle. She has to pull it open from the bottom of the fridge door, a minor inconvenience, not brilliant design.

Biba said...

Very good point! Thanks Pam, lucky for me my kitchen is so basic i don't have the luxury of built in appliances (yet!) :)