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Just lately i think i have been all over the place, need to make lists (i love making lists) and get the home FINISHED. Apart from the obvious storage problems, i still have various bits and bobs to finish in every room.

This was OK, but i had maple fablon covered cupboard doors which i recently decided really HAD to go, so.....

I spray painted them dark brown! Half way through i ran out of spray paint, whilst waiting for more to arrive (off ebay - where else?!) the doors i had done were starting to peel and flake.... :( Also i wasn't very happy with the dark brown and the dark worktops together so now i have a half peely dark brown kitchen and the other half naff maple!

I ventured onto the kitchen topic with Lee last night saying the cupboard doors needed to be replaced in white - he agreed willingly and abnormally quickly with no debate at all???!!!! So plan B....

- Replace fronts only with white - gloss or matt?
- No handles, maybe a circular cut out or similar concealed
- White lack shelf on wall
- New blind - white or aluminium?
- Colour, pattern & personality from teatowels & accessories
- Walls (white), floor (oak) and worktop (dark brown granite) will have to remain as they are

Surprisingly just typing this is giving me motivation! It proved quite difficult finding inspiring photos as it seems i'm only lusting after white and dark brown kitchens, so very few. I have a very serious white & dark brown obsession!!
These are gorgeous.....

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Peta said...

The white doors will look great with the brown! That was one of our options but being a very small room we chose a very pale grey worktop.
Go order the doors quickly before Lee changes his mind!! ;)