focus bedroom

My boudoir..... nothing major needed in the bedroom, the bed's old but nice and low (and dark brown of course!), the wardrobe is built in and i've got my gorgeous g-plan chair nestling in the corner!
I think all the room needs is a new coat of white paint, a couple of shelves, bedspread and accessories blah blah to pull it all together. I'd like it very white and clean looking with my fave patterns in the bedspread and cushions (yay more cushions!) Not sure how Lee would like it!!! What the room does need is some tiny minimal bedside tables, oh eBay here i come.... ;)
Somewhere in between all these bedrooms is what i'm aiming for.....


Peta said...

Me again!

I too hope to focus on getting our bedroom looking good after we've finished all this work!

I'm looking into getting / making some minimal floating bedside tables / shelves.

Keep the great ideas and pics coming!!

Cher Ami said...

the warm tones work great in these!