Decorating day at No 22

Today was decorating day. I say that like today is going to be the only day we spend painting.... i wish! We are getting Lee's house, No 22, ready for rental so decided to start with the bathroom (the worst room). I had SUCH satisfaction seeing the orange pine fittings ripped off the wall. Unfortunately being are on such a tight (non existant...) budget everything else has to stay, yes that means the grey bathsuite and horrible toilet seat have to stay. The pale beech floor is not too bad, i'm just grateful it's not wee-ridden carpet! Got to keep the natural blind too, was thinking about spray painting the blind and toilet seat in chocolate brown....do i? do i? My head hurts....

After 2 coats of white paint we still need one more to cover up the evidence of the original vile bathroom decor. But it was progress.... and working til 7pm i'd had enough for today. Besides i had things on eBay wich were ending soon ;)

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