and so

There really is no ideal place to start.... i am here... i am alive....i am humble and i am being overdramatic...lol
I am also a tad ashamed and honoured..... despite being blatantly absent/distant/slack/presumed dead, i have noticed continued daily visitors and followers as though i was still here, no idea why but hey thanks ;)

And so i intend to return to my bubble :)


Below are a few updates for those mildy curious over the last few months....

(i know this blog is about the pictures and not me blah blah but hey - pictures WILL follow)


1. I wrote off my car (me ok, car not so much) and am now the proud owner of beautiful black new beetle (materialistic moi).


2. I have a kitten called Parker, he is stunning but naughty and loving all at once. How many kittens actually put their arms (front paws/legs) around you for a cuddle....really he does.


3. I have had an early mini mid life crisis and possibily have a split personality


4. I am actively learning french and, accidently, polish too


5. I am slightly insane and proud of it


6. I have purchased a posh new mini netbook for blogging and other timewasting activities


7. Oh i/we have found a big bad house and MAY be moving...


8. Most importantly, i am still an interiors junkie


Soooooooooo....a plus tard, Biba x x x


Kerry said...

Welcome back! I was getting fed up with that chair lol. Congratulations on your Beetle...does it have a flower? xx

MoonDoggie said...

Yay! Now TWO of my favourite bloggers have returned this week :D

Btw, glad you survived the accident and got a cool new car out of it - props!

Santa said...

I've missed your blog, glad you're back - yours was one of the first blogs I found and followed when I discovered the whole world of blogging. And I'm nosy, so feel free to keep posting stuff about your life along with the pics ;-)

Tasa said...

one always learns something from a blog and now I know you may be moving .... keep me posted! welcome back

Melafrique said...

4 months of absence - hey welcome back.

Maja said...

Hi Biba :) Welcome back!
I'm new on your blog, discovered it while you were away and since I have been waiting to see what will happen with that chair and note that you've left :)
I love your blog, it has been a huge inspiration for my own blog. Love to hear from you, so please stop by and let me know what you think :)

Wunderkammer said...

Welcome back, biba!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back my dear... like Santa yours was one of the first blogs I discovered so I've been ambling back every now and then just in case so I'm one of those people!

Pictures of Parker please? New car sounds v you... unfortunate to write off one but glad you're ok.

Sherry Wray said...

I love the green couch! Beautiful!

becca said...

about blinkin time! you have been missed, does this mean a pop into bitching etc at some point? xx

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Bubble Spinner Flash said...

Welcome Back :)

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