vw camper love

It's that time of year, we are back in camper land! I can't wait to get out in Edie (bought last summer), i've done quite a bit of work on personalising her interior to my style..... which i'll be sharing once finished.
Happy days are on their way :)


GA+E said...

WOW you're so lucky! we've wanted one for a while! wishing you many magic adventures :)

vw camper said...

Gotta love those rat look vans - we went to Vic Farm SSVC meeting and were amazed with all the different campers - none were the same - these vans are perfect blank canvasses with which to express yourselves - looking forward to seeing yours.

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Anonymous said...

This is so fantastic. Is there an event for this? I'm looking to buy one. Any suggestions?

priya said...

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