sleeping beauty

Sorry this is not a beautiful bedroom inspiration post... this is more of a sleep tribute post! My week has consisted of - being in the office til 10pm - throwing up all night - then doing a 4 hour journey - helping parents move into new house - eating cheese & biscuits at gone midnight (yum) - going sightseeing in the rain - hard goodbyes - a 5 1/2 hour journey - throwing up mid journey - getting lost in the snow - full day back in the office feeling like poo.
So i think it's only fair that today should equal sleep for me! Sleep is beautiful.
(even though i have a vague memory of saying i was going to blitz the house this weekend...)

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Anna said...

hope you have a fabulous sleep filled day!!

PhotoPuddle said...

I am impressed you still managed to do a blog entry in your sleepy haze. Hope you get some excellent sleep this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Uggh poor you... that does not sound fun! In fact, it made me feel tired just reading about it... Hope you get some good sleep soon x