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I am now a craft blogger! One reason (or excuse...) why i may have been slightly distracted lately is because.... i'm now an author on another blog too! It's my work blog - Photocentric (the art of creating stamps). Established company but the blog is brand spanking new, so myself and another running it from England and another from the US running obviously the US posts.
Briefly it's all about stamping/printing projects and how to's - all by making your own stamps from any drawing, font, artwork, photo etc. My projects will all be retro inspired and very me! Lots of fabric printing :) I'm planning...

+ handmade christmas cards
+ printing my own wrapping paper
+ fabric printing on tea-towels, pillowcases, t-shirts, tote bags (one already done by moi)
+ printing on a plain lampshade
+ customising some baby clothes (for my close friends new baby)
Plus all the other crafty things and more i probably don't even know exist yet...
+ scrapbooking
+ making customised jewellery with silver clay
+ handmade gift tags
+ decoupage
AND the best thing about all this - i get to do it all on work time :) :)



MoonDoggie said...

Very interesting - wondering how it works and if designs by kids can be produced easily...

Tasa said...

lucky, lucky you - any other jobs going. I need to pick your brains when you've mastered all these skills.

Biba said...

Hi MoonDoggie - it's so easy!

1. Take the kids design & change it into a negative (easy software in stamp kit for this)
2. print negative
3. put the negative in a glass clamp (in kit) with a special gel sachet (in kit)
4. shine an anglepoise lamp over it for 2 minutes
5. turn over and shine lamp again for 10 minutes
6. cut stamp out over sink & clean with washing up liquid
7. Leave in water to finish off

et voila - your own stamp! Must be easy if i can do it.... ;)

Anonymous said...