vw camper interiors

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I can't get enought looking at them all!


Carlene said...

How funny I has this obessions with caravans too! I've trying to find a reasonably priced one to re-shape up.

Melafrique said...

Biba this weekend in Peterborough is the vwdublicious in Farcet Fen.

jen said...

Oh! This just brought such a smile to me face! My husband and I lived in one for a while after we got married.. We just travelled around and had no plan. It was one of the best times of my life! If you do ever get a chance to own one of these DO IT! Your pocket might be sorry for it but your heart never will!

ps- ours was the lime green one in the middle. Event he plaid was in perfect condition!

Thank you so much for sharing that!