ebay love

Whilst innocently browsing ebay for fabric i somehow found this ercol daybed... and fell in love! There is just something about it and i'm SO tempted to bid on it..... (even though i have nowhere and i mean NOWHERE to put it).


thoughts running through my head.... said...

I love love love Ebay!!!I just bought a mirrored fireplace off there,even though I am planning to move and dont know if it will fit in!!!I had to have it though-and it was a bargain!

houseenvy said...

I know I've said this before but... I think my parents have something like that shoved in their attic. Releasing it could be hard work though! Still no GPO phone!!

Eden Rose said...

We both have the same problem! Every sunday morning my poor OH drives off to fetch something else that i have put a little bid on and accidently won during my daily ebay fix. My dining room and spare bedroom are looking like steptoes yard now and OH is starting to fall out with me more and more. I am almost too ashamed to talk about it :)

Conversation Pieces said...

Did you bid on it? I was watching one that was being sold in my area – and it was going to go for a song but the seller pulled the listing as it wasn't selling for enough. Very frustrating... though like you I was still to establish where I could put it!