Thought i would share my new tote bag...
And... I made it myself! Well, i bought the plain linen tote bag off ebay for £1 and wanted to stamp my own design onto it, nothing too exciting with the owls but i'm really pleased with it for my first one (Lee thought i bought it from a shop!). My next project will be to print my own design onto plain tea towels, will maybe try cushion covers and card making after that... and i like the idea of printing my own wrapping paper for presents. The stamp is made from photopolymer instead of standard rubber so the detail and print is so much better.
The stamp itself i made just from a normal print of an owl, and was ridiculously easy with the stamp it kit below, only £19.99 available from photocentric or $39.95 from justrite for US. Very easy and no mess. See 'how to' below...
+ you need an anglepoise lamp with standard 60w bulb
+ create design or find a pic you want to print
+ the kit comes with a disc to turn your pic into a negative
+ print negative onto paper and just put in glass clamp with a yellow sachet (both in kit)
+ switch on lamp directly above your pic & sachet, time for 2 mins, turn and time for 10 mins
+ cut edges off sachet, wash out yellow gel with fairy liquid and you have your very own stamp :)
Full instructions in kit or here
I want to make a stamp like this one below too... (but obviously not to say 'Hila'....)
Remember my redundancy and new job 'trauma' earlier this year? Well this is the company i work for, which means i get to create designs, make stamps and print for my job - yay! (Obviously i do real work too....) It is very addictive!!



Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Really cute, Biba! I love making my own stamps.

Tasa said...

I love it, I love it - I want one too but it sounds too complicated even with your instructions. and I need white wednesday NOW! I need calm serenity and it is already wednesday in some parts of the world.

houseenvy said...

I love it - the owls are so cute and I never imagined there would be such a gadget out there... If it were me who had just produced that, nothing in the house made of plain fabric would be safe (a bit like the first time you spray paint something ;-) ). Well done!x

Patchwork Harmony said...

wow! that bag is fab!!
hope things are good with you, sounds like your landed a great job there!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Your bag is so cute! I think I may need that stamp kit. And how cool to work for this kind of company!

Conversation Pieces said...

That bag is very cool... and very cute too. You gotta love owls :)