mid century mix

I just love them all....

via plastolux, obsessilicious & fffound


Jane said...

Great inspiration photos. So glad I found your site. I've recently discovered a love for all things mid-century modern.

Hanna and Daniel said...

When I was a kid all my relatives in Finland had those sofas with an "attached" end table on them. So cool and really breaks the conformity of sofas. New sofa is on the wish list (the cats have pretty much destroyed the one we have) and this model but in leather is a strong contender.


Hawk and Weasel said...

Really nice pictures. I love how they have stacked the books with the pages out, not the backs. I should try that (but how do you find the book you're looking for?)

Home Lighting said...

I am super hooked to your blog now ;) All your posts on mid century designs are AWESOME! Keep rockin!