Over my saturday morning cup of tea i've just been looking my my blog stats and was amazed at the percentage of readers i get from Brazil. I love Brazil! Never been though.... but would love to. So to say a little hi to Brazil i thought i'd show some pics of the beautiful 'Slice House' in Porto Alegre. I love the white writing on the white wall...
Hey Brazil :)


lolly-jolly said...

lovely house. i love brazil and rio de janeiro is my dream since childhood.
By the way i tagged you days ago but don`t know you i told you..so just check my blog to see that if you want to :)
Wish you lovely weekend!

Hanna and Daniel said...

That writing is really cool. Been thinking about doing something like that but the tricky thing is where to find the letters. Guess I could stencil the stuff but 3D would look so much better.
Btw, love the quotes/sayings thing you got going on.


Slices of Beauty... said...

Fisrt pic is fab!
Enjoy your weekend.

JEM 'n Tonic said...

This place is quite cool. I might just be able to live there.

Amy said...

Gorgeous home! seeing people swimming while inside would be a little freaky - but I would love a pool so who cares?

EQart said...

I wish i was in that house having my mojito and looking at the sky, I love the minimalist southern home style.Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!