the x-factor

Guess where i'm going later today?! I am going to see the x-factor live auditions in london. Note - i am in the audience not auditioning!! Should be SO much fun, i always wet myself laughing at the auditions on tv and i might even get to meet simon cowell and the trousers...


MoonDoggie said...

Have fun! Let us know how it goes.

lolly-jolly said...

I LOVE this picture!

kaybar007 said...

I think you've probably already had a Lemonade Award bestowed upon you? But anyway, you get my vote:

Amy said...

Sweet - get some Simon pics!

griffo68 said...

Hello Miss Bib!

How fabulous! Have fun!
I did see him on a beach in Barbados when we were there.....still wearing the trousers and a grey t-shirt! LOL!

Mr G.x