teak freak

I love vintage teak. This lovely display from h is for home shows why, although i don't like really orangey teaks... like my 60s sideboard was originally, so i had to go through the horrific trauma of staining it darker. Good vintage teak looks amazing with white!


The Cottage Cheese said...

Impressive collection of teak! And don't get me started on how amazing that clock is...

Anonymous said...

I love the expression 'teak freak'!

I myself have a teak sideboard (thankfully didn't need stained) – and a teak apple and pear which serve no purpose than just looking cool ;)

the seventy tree said...

I've always wanted one of those teak ice buckets...such a good looking object! One day I will invest!
Have a nice bank holiday weekend

Tikimama said...

Beautiful! I started a Flickr group called Mid-Century Wood Housewares and Decor because I love this stuff so much!

And thanks sooooo much (sarcasm) for introducing me to H is for Home - oh no, more stuff to drool over!