pillow talk

I want LOVE pillows like these for my bed. White pillows with some artistic flair and i can make these myself surely!? Watch this space...


wisteria said...

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JEM 'n Tonic said...

Ahhh man! I thought by the title this was going to be about that GREAT movie with Doris Day.

That's ok though, because, the second photo of pillows is cool. I am entranced by that font. I'm always looking for ways to us it in my work. Thing is, I usually end up with something i don't like. Oh well... At least someone know how to.

Tikimama said...

I love "Pillow Talk"!

Hmmmm, to make your own, perhaps iron-on transfers?

Slices of Beauty... said...

Cute, especially the second one!

Sharon said...

omigosh those are ADORABLE!

Conversation Pieces said...

He he... there's something strange about seeing your pillows out in the blog world!

If you figure out a way to make some let me know... one set isn't really enough as you have to revert to boring old ones when these are in the wash! ;)

Paulette Ink. said...

Here's a link to instructions on making similar pillows. I did it myself, and it was really simple. :)