more ebay

Ok. So, every single time i get sucked into ebay - thinking i'm going to get a secret bargain that no-one else has found (occasionally it happens kind of...). The ecrol style telephone from my last post went for £152! The orla kiely cushion i had my heart set on below suddenly shot up to £31 from nothing, i seriously tricked myself into thinking i'd get it for under a tenner - ha ha ha hmmm

This retro carlton bird went for £22...

This second retro carlton bird is currently only £6.69 but i'm not tempted anymore so bid away people!

via ebay. otherwise known as evilbay. (click pic for link)


MoonDoggie said...

oooo those birds! Luvverly!
I still haven't experienced the auction part of ebay - mad isn't it? I tend to stick to the Buy It Nows and do a lot of watching... for now!

JEM 'n Tonic said...

These are really nice. I really like the porcelain and ceramic vintage items that are out there for the MCM folks.

Conversation Pieces said...

That first carlton bird is lovely... that's a bummer you missed out on it.

Tasa said...

I prefer the green one! I never thought of you as some-one to give in. I cant bear ebay.

The Cottage Cheese said...

I've never seen the Carlton birds before. Uh-oh, now I have another new obsession. Evil-bay is right!