eating habits

Everyone should get in the habit of eating at the dining table! We don't but we should and it bothers me a little.
Speaking of eating i am broadcasting the fact that i am now on a diet to lose at least a stone. My logic being that maybe if i tell the world i will suddenly develop willpower to not eat chocolate. For those interested i have ordered these dvds to help me turn skinny overnight - here, here and here.
ANYHOO... back to interiors, here's some dining inspiration...
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desire to inspire

desire to inspire


purple area


the seventy tree said...

I too feel very strongly about eating around the table together...Great dining finds here! How could you not want to all sit around one of these?! TV dinners....no thanks!

Tasa said...

when you've mastered table dining please tell me how to do it. I'd love a house filled with light like these.

from the right bank said...

These are fantastic rooms. We end up eating at the kitchen bar most of the time even though the dining room is just two steps away. Such a waste(!)

Eden Rose said...

Gorgeous dining rooms! I love the chairs in the last pic, do you know what they are? I feel another chair obsession coming on, move aside cherner!

Anonymous said...

But chocolate is good for you (that's what I tell myself!)

These dining tables are pretty yummy too. Have to say I love my new dining table – it may be from ikea's bargain basement but our kitchen feels so much more homely now that we don't have to eat stuff perched on our laps!

Melafrique said...

love those pics biba.

Eden Rose those chairs are Ant chairs can be found here http://www.thelollipopshoppe.co.uk/products?product_category=21&product_id=816
they also come up on ebay at good prices.

Patchwork Harmony said...

agree about eating at the table... but we always end up in front of the telly... so naughty! :)

the projectivist said...

good luck with that whole not-eating-chocolate diet.

i think i'm hankering for a circular dining table after looking at those pictures.

*SNYdesign said...

Nice photos!

drollgirl said...

these are so beautiful. it would be a PLEASURE to have them and to eat in these fab settings. :)

baz_mcm said...

Saarinen Tulip Tables are amazing pieces of functional art. Love how it's the only table to make multiple appearances. Nothing is by accident.