a case study

Welcome to my latest obsession! Vintage suitcases. I want a vintage suitcase - so perfect for attractive storage which is just what i need. Now i just need to find one... This post has been brewing for a while but i was super-inspired by the lovely zoe over at conversation pieces who just posted the amazing cat beds!
Some more inspiration pics below as to what one can do with a vintage suitcase.... :)

quirky side table via flickr

cat bed via flickr

cat bed via conversation pieces
originally via vintage renaissance on etsy
(i am so in love with this cat bed)

drinks cabinet via vanitycase on etsy

beauty cabinet via vanitycase on etsy

filing cabinet via flickr


Tikimama said...

Oh! I have just been wanting to find a post like this Biba! I keep finding the greatest vintage cases, not too expensive, wondering what I could do with them! All inspired now, thanks to you!

Waxy said...

Love the vanity case's - what a great idea! I love the idea of vintage suitcases but am running out of floor room - great find!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Love old suitcases! I have several that I bought in Germany; I use them in my sewing room to store fabric in them. I just may have to may my puppies a bed. They are smaller than most cats; it would work for them. :) I am starting to think there is nothing I do not collect.:) However, I have moved into a much smaller place and I have to get rid of a lot of it.L I am wall-to-wall in stuff, and my garage and attic, well, they are out of space.

Tasa said...

I have my grandparents old cases in the loft - never considered using them. another reason for you to come and visit!

Janne said...

I too have a thing for vintage suitcases. I collected some many years ago back in my student days in London (from Oxfam), and have since inherited a couple from my parents. I find the cases do need some space around them to really live up to their full potential, though. I am also using some of mine to store fabrics in my workspace.