viva la kitchen

I keep staring at my kitchen, very aware i have abandoned finishing it since i have been actively job hunting. Perfectly acceptable i think... i have needed to focus!
So now i have got a fab new job i need to re-focus on finishing my kitchen, and the best part is - now i have spare money so i can get my new kitchen tap and sink fitted too.
Oh kitchen here i come...! More kitchen inspiration to help me on my way....

desire to inspire
I love the kitchen above and this is exactly how my handles are :)

desire to inspire

marie claire maison




kaybar007 said...

OMG that's my kitchen! I'm VERY flattered, thank you :) And cheers for the comment on my blog, I've been reading yours since it launched (I'm pretty sure I've left a comment on here before actually)

The Cottage Cheese said...

That yellow tile wall is so unique! I would never think to do a tile installation above the cabinets, but it is smashing! And another wood ceiling. Happy sigh.

Tikimama said...

I like the white warmed up with wood accents - floor, ceiling, whatever. You're not lacking any inspiration here! Go to it girl!

the seventy tree said...

Yes, I think we do have similar taste in interiors! A fab collection of kitchens. Thanks for the comment you left for me too. Kerry x