true blue baby i love you

Usually i dislike blue in the home. Ok, always. But i really do like this picture above! Even though it looks kind of saturated in blue i think the gorgeous shape of the sofa makes such a difference and actually saves the room for me. Also love that cushion, the shaggy rug and the light so why not :)


houseenvy said...

It's all good, but WTF is that painting behind the sofa? It has to go!!

Jesse said...

I used to hate blue, but now am in love and can't get enough! Of the right blue that is.

Patchwork Harmony said...

my boyfriend said something funny the other day... 'there aren't many blue foods'

made me chuckle, cos there isn't is there?! x

polkadots said...

It looks nice, but I guess I would prefer another colour. Just don't like blue for the walls, especially babyblue (except for a babyboy's room)

drollgirl said...

i like it! and i think i see that strange tinted concrete flooring which is always interesting to me.