stylish small spaces

A big thank you to maria over at malo blogg for sending me these gorgeous pictures. We have very similar taste and she knew i'd love them! More gorgeous malo style right here.
simple but oh so inviting

maria mentioned that she wasn't keen on the red cushions and i totally agree, i'm pretending they're not there!

my fave above - love it!
small but stylish and functional


The Cottage Cheese said...

What a great space! I am so envious of that wall of bookshelves.

drollgirl said...

very nice, indeed!

Eden Rose said...

These rooms are great, perfection, minus the cushions (???)Thanks for the kitten compliments honey X

Pattie said...

You find the coolest little spaces lol (pun not intended)

malo said...

Have happy weekend, Biba!