perfect persians

Persian style rugs always used to make me think of a more 'traditional' home, but the more i see with simple modern surroundings, the more i like! It's all about the contrast. Add one of these rugs and it totally changes the feel of the room, mixes things up nicely. I would like to get one but will have to be in our next home as we don't have enough rooms!






jacklyn said...

i love the combination. it really does work well together! i have one at home and never thought my mod self would ever own one.

malo said...

I love this. There are so much beauty in these unexpected combinations.

drollgirl said...

i LOVE the last one!!! and the name of the post? fabulous!!!!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I love the curved kitchen with rug!its gorgeous but theres no way I could have a rug in my kitchen-I'm way too messy!