oh cathrine

pic via jennski

I may treat myself to a cathrineholm something. My mum has a beautiful dark blue cathrineholm bowl which gets no love or attention, just sits gathering dust - but will she give it to her darling daughter? No she bloody well will not. I have tried every trick i can think of, plus begging and all she says is i can have it when she dies. So cheerful and still no bowl of my own.... grrr :(


Browse the lovers of cathrineholm designs on flickr. Gorgeous.



MoonDoggie said...

This made me laugh - sounds like my mum! :D

The Cottage Cheese said...

Love the Cathrineholm so much, though I fear if I start a collection I'll go completely overboard! We had some avocado mixing bowls when I was growing up, but they got really scratched up from use and probably ended up at a thrift shop. I like to think they are still out there somewhere...

Baglady said...

I love Cathrineholm, too, but everything I see on evilbay is either fleabitten or really expensive. *Sigh*

Nice piccies.

Taryn said...

I'll have that one. And that one...and that one...OH! And that one too!
And then I wake up.

I am with you on Cathrineholm as well. I would love to have just ONE of the pieces in this photo!


Wiz said...

I LOVE my CH collection....I have it instead of a pension :)

Patchwork Harmony said...

these are gorgeous! love the colours!
are they expensive then?
seen you got the job too! - congrats!!


mel bomba said...

I dream of having a yellow bowl, but sadly not much around in Aus.