minimal fireplaces

So simple natural and beautiful, i do believe this is the best way to go minimal and super cosy. I admit to putting the heating on this morning! I want a fireplace like these below. Even a cosy little pile of logs in the corner would do for now, but they would look very out of place in my lounge :(

what is with the crocodile! Did you spot it? I do my best to ignore it.


the seventy tree said...

Oh My? Is that crocodile real? I thought it was a log! Maybe it's carved out of a log!(?) Lovely examples of minimal fireplaces. We have a very straight, simple cut out for our woodburner, so these remind me that we did the right thing with our fireplace!

Hanna and Daniel said...

Oh! Ah! Loving those fireplaces! Turning green with envy... Aargh!

malo said...

I also thought it was a log. Ignore, ignore. Beautiful fire places. And the view on the last pic - oh my.
(We have the opposite of a minimal fire place - a kakelugn - swedish tiled stove that almost fills our entire small living room)

alissa said...

as im scrolling through this...
'omg new favorite fireplace...no thats my new favorite...wait no' etc etc