love red

I love the tone of these photos as well as the red. Not a scrap of red in my house (except sophie's bedroom combined with pink and god knows what else...) but i still love it. I used to wear it alot but now prefer flashes of red in accessories.
Even though it can mean danger and warning, red makes me feel warm and positive... let's hope so as today is my very last day at work...


Lisa said...

Lovely post - as you know, it's one of my favourite colours!

Enjoy your last day - here's to a fantastic future for you! :)

The Cottage Cheese said...

Biba, this is such a lovely collage!

Last day at the new job will surely be difficult as you have been there so long, but you have an exciting new job that sounds really great!

Patchwork Harmony said...

gorgeous! they all complement each other so well!
also reminded me of my love for old school caravans... they are coming back in! X