fabric love

pic by moi.
So i have finally covered a chair! Don't laugh but i used sellotape! This is only the spare chair in the hall so thought i would try it out temporarily (hence sellotape), and i've decided that this is not THE right fabric for these same chairs in the dining room. I do love it but think it's too bright/colourful for 4 whole chairs, as usual i am thinking more brown and patterned instead.
I'm now drawn to the fabrics below but not sure how good they would look with the colour of the wood. Bottom one is gorgeous but looks a bit too dark to go on the chairs?
Although having said that i love both of these fabrics so much i could just make more cushions if they weren't right....!! Ohhh decisions decisions, wish i could just buy all the fabric off the whole of eBay.

pic via ebay


jaboopee said...

wow! thats a really inventive way with upholstery. looks great, those chairs are really lovely, i wouldn't know which fabric to pick either!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Personally, I like the yellow flowers. They make me feel happy! But the fabric in the last pic looks more sophisticated for a dining room, so that would be my choice. I like the dark color.

Tikimama said...

I think the dark brown will blend well with the wood; and it's got different shades of brown, so it's bound to pick up some of the wood's tones. The scale of the bottom fabric looks more right for the chair seats, as well.

I love your temporary upholstery idea! No commitments if you change your mind!

Tasa said...

I really like the one you've done in the hall - but then what do I know about either design or retro? know lots about cats though!

knack said...

your chair looks fantastic, and my vote would be for the last fabric pictured for your dining room chairs!