super storage

I am becoming more and more completely OBSESSED with storage options.
I am determind to acheive the perfect minimalist house i need and take decluttering to a new level.
Well thats the plan anyway, actually doing this is another matter entirely. But i have good hard motivation (for a change) this week, my sister and hubby are coming to visit for the first time this coming weekend. So there is NO room for slacking AT ALL!!
I have a little storage project in mind, so once i've decluttered to within an inch of my life i will get started and post a few pics :)
Random mixture of storage eye candy to get me going....

pics via flickr and sfgirlbybay


The Cottage Cheese said...

Wow, I love every one of these! The floating shelves/cabinet are really unique.

houseenvy said...

I love these - especially the fourth pic (?) with two side tabbles pushed together.

Btw have you noticed how you think you're going to clear out a load of carp on eBay and what actually happens is your house fills up with different carp - boxes, bubble wrap, jiffy bags, etc.?! Or is that just me?!

Janne said...

Love all of these. I need to de-clutter too... Storage is vital.

PS. Glad you like your blog-patrol :-)

Wiz said...

Oh how I love storage!!! We have a large version of the cado unit, see here:


And Houseenvy, how right you are! I have DRAWERS full of packing materials for my so called ebay clear outs....

DesignTies said...

Hello Biba :-) Thanks for dropping by our blog this morning and commenting on my archway transformation!

I like the shelving and cabinets you've selected here as inspiration for your own project - you're definitely drawn to the mid-century modern asthetic. I love it too!

Victoria from EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

Kosmopolight said...

Great stuff! I'm always looking for storage options that look great, too!!

Beth said...

Hi Biba! Thanks for your comment & encouragement. Love your mid-century photos!!

drollgirl said...

GODDAMMIT!!! i want 'em all.

Tyler said...

OOOOOOO love the 5th pic, 1 please