more retro 60's townhouse

When i first found this 60's townhouse last year it was love at first sight. Since then this gorgeous home of roddy & ginger has been featured in livingetc magazine, and this weekend i came across more photos which i had never seen....
Oh and speaking of the name ginger... that's what i am calling my cat when i finally get one :)

pics via bkids
For even more pics and some background story visit livingetc and bkids


The Cottage Cheese said...

That wall of windows is amazing! Love the sofas too.

polkadots said...

I like the idea of a cat named Ginger.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

You post the neatest places, things, pics! It's always a special treat to come visit your blog.

I love this place! All those windows are eye pleasing. I love the retro style, it fits.

Ginger is a spicy name.:) I love it!

drollgirl said...

rad. just rad.

and i love the name ginger for a cat. :)

mel bomba said...

When it's good you blog!